Virtual Volunteer Opportunities with Youth Volunteer Corp

Youth Volunteer Corp will be offering two virtual volunteer opportunities this summer for students to participate in.

The following projects are open for sign ups at Please make sure to have a submitted waiver before signing up and read our COVID-19 safety measures. 

July 6-8 Mental Health Virtual Project

July 13-15 Crisis Simulation Virtual Project

Our summer volunteer camps typically last 3-4 days and are between 2 and 4 hours in length. 

Feel free to visit for more information.

Summer Reading Assignment for E. L. Wright Middle School

The 2020 Summer Reading assignment for E. L. Wright Middle School can be found at the following link: 2020 E. L. Wright Summer Reading Assignment. Students will be asked to complete choice assignments based off of two themes: Courage (Theme 1) and Good vs Evil (Theme 2). Follow the directions on the document to submit your work.

Summer Reading provides students the opportunity to enjoy literature while improving their reading skills. The Themes of Courage and Good vs. Evil are the focus of Summer Reading this summer. There are district and school selected texts related to these two themes.

There is also a Choice Board of activities to complete after reading texts related to the Themes of Courage and Good vs. Evil.                      

 *Please also visit our Media Center for additional Summer Reading information.*

For any questions please contact Dr. Terra Wright at

Patricia Smith, Support Person of the Year!

The E. L. Wright Administration would like to give a huge Thank You and Shout Out to Patsy (Patricia) Smith, E.L Wright’s Support Person of the Year! Patsy does tremendous work helping to make sure things run smoothly. As Mrs. Taylor’s Assistant she works with both parents, teachers, and students in many different facets of school operations.

Way to go Patsy!