Athletic Department Hosts Award Ceremony

The E. L. Wright Athletic Department hosted it’s end of the year award ceremony on Monday, May 6th in which the school’s sports teams for the season were recognized by the coaches and the school.

Each team was recognized and each coach nominated team players for the following awards: Hustle, MVP, Coach’s Award, and Most Improved.

The Athletic Department also recognized scholar athletes with our All-Academic Teams (see list below).

Principal’s Team

Nyasia Brown                       

Srihith Chada                         

David Conroy     

Amalia Martin

Cody Miller

Cayla Parrott                 

Merit Team

Bryce Allen                             

Alexis Butler                          

Makenna Cain                       

Jake Conroy                           

Keller Crowder                     

Andrew Fields                      

Player Fields 

Jasmine Gibson

James Goodson                       

Kennis Graham                    

Bailey Harris                        

Hope Hawkins                   

Charlton Hill                        

Leilah Hill                            

Catherine Hinson               

Justice Johnson                   

Kamelia Joye                       

Carter Knapper                 

Shannon Merritt

Fraea Morley

Ashritha Natarajan

Keshaun Osby

Ta’Shawna Owensby

Hannah Perkins

Erin Peters

Anna Pigeon

Anessa Richardson

Leini Rodriguez

Logan Rush

Madison Sanchez

Haley Starnes

Aiden Walker

Alyssa Wiggs

Trevon Williams

Douglas Woldorf

Emma Wooten



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