Signing Up for Job Shadowing Day

In accordance with the School to Work Opportunities Act,  Richland Two has designated Friday, February 1, 2019 as School to Work Day( Job Shadowing Day) for all middle school students.  You are invited to participate by taking your child to a work site.  Your student’s absence from school on February 1, 2019 will be excused if the required form( on school website) is completed one week prior to the shadowing day and the student completes a 3 paragraph essay on their experience.  The link to shadow at a Richland 2 Elementary school is now closed.  All available slots have been filled as of Friday, January 18th. Students may still sign up to shadow, just not at a Richland 2 Elementary school.  Please complete the School to Work Form Link below. Hard copies of the form are available upon request. If you have multiple students here at E.L. Wright, please fill the form out for each student. Please contact Monica Loving if you have any questions at or 736-8740 ext. 3028. Here is a link to the E.L. Wright School-to-Work Form Link , which is also available on the E.L. Wright website!

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