8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Tomorrow, June 6th!

The 2017-18 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony will be tomorrow at the EL Wright Gym beginning at 8 am.

You can watch it streamed live on our Youtube and Facebook Feed. We will begin the stream at 7:50 am. The ceremony will begin at 8 am.

Here are some reminders about the event on June 6th:


Students are given two tickets for guests to attend the ceremony due to Fire Marshall code.

If you do not have a ticket you will not be allowed in. Even small children will need a ticket. ( The Fire Marshall counts the number of people not the number of seats.)


All fees must be paid in order for students to participate in the ceremony.

Green with Circles Promotion Announcement


Students must be on track to be promoted in order to participate in the ceremony.


Extra parking will be available on the Blacktop of the Football Field and at Windsor United Methodist Church

Please do not park at the businesses across the street from the school.

Your car will be towed.


Streaming for the Event:

The ceremony for the first time will be live streamed on our live streaming feed.