Orchestra Students Perform at SCMEA

scmea_logo_lgOur Orchestra students recently had an outstanding performance at the SCMEA Midlands Solo & Ensemble Festival. Students from around the Midlands region came to perform a solo on their own or in a small ensemble of eight students or less. Their performances were scored based on state and national standards for instrumental music performance. The scoring system from lowest to highest is Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent and Superior. E.L. Wright had the largest participating group in the region, and came away with 29 Excellent and 68 Superior ratings! Congratulations to all of our students, and to their teacher, Mrs. Gibbs.

The following Warriors earned a rating of Excellent:

  • Anastasia Bare, Base Solo
  • Owen Catron, Cello Solo
  • Soshi Rodas, Violin Solo
  • Avery Spratt, Violin Solo
  • Serenity Ward, Violin Solo
  • Devyn Williams, Violin Solo
  • Emma Wooten, Violin Solo
  • Emeline Addy & Ryan Ward, Duet
  • Anastasia Bare & Emily Sloan, Duet
  • Saleth Garcia Recinos & Johanna Martinez-Ramirez, Duet
  • Carter Knapper & Jake Moses, Carter Knapper, Duet
  • Kimberly Rodas & Soshi Rodas, Duet
  • Aiden Sheftman & Bobby Swick, Duet
  • Harmonie Frederick, Abbey Lee, Sophia Myrick, Trio & Trio 2
  • Leliah Hill, Rebekah Lashley, Taylor Sessions, Trio

The following Warriors earned a rating of Superior:

  • Addison Canada, Viola Solo
  • Jayla Douglas, Viola Solo
  • Zachary Fowler, Viola Solo
  • Madison Futch, Viola Solo
  • Khushi Jain, Viola Solo
  • Alex Kivett, Bass Solo
  • Jamilah Konte, Viola Solo
  • Elizabeth Martinez-Pacheco, Viola Solo
  • Kimberly Perez-Solano, Viola Solo
  • Daija Randall, Viola Solo
  • Pedro Robertson, Bass Solo
  • Kimberly Rodas, Cello Solo
  • Bobby Swick, Bass Solo
  • Joey Swick, Viola Solo
  • Evelyn Tovar-Conteras, Viola Solo
  • Bhavani Tuppale, Viola Solo
  • Evan Beckwith & Siah Mack, Duet
  • Morgan Britton & Alex Kivett, Duet
  • Jayla Douglas & Jamilah Konte, Duet
  • Mason Eastman & Rachel Jochin, Duet
  • Zachary Fowlery & Evan Rienecker, Duet
  • Zachary Fowler & Joey Swick, Duet
  • Anna Pigeon & Nora Velpula, Duet
  • Cece Trower & Devin Williams, Duet
  • Noah Best, Madison Fishburne & Cece Trower, Trio
  • Emma Crenshaw, Amber Keller & Logan Rush, Trio
  • Connor Swayne, Bhavani Tuppale & Madison Taylor, Trio
  • Keyshawn Anderson, Owen Catron, Aiden Sheftman, Bobby Swick, Siddarath Thumsi, Ensemble
  • Evelyn Contreras-Tovar, Rashi Jain, Khushi Jain & Rachel Jochin, Ensemble
  • Myron Dobson, Caden Knapper, Jalen Leach, Jake Moses,Daija Randal & Emma Wooten, Ensemble
  • Zachary Fowler, Evan O’Mara, Evan Rienecker, Joey Swick & Ryan Ward, Ensemble
  • Madison Futch, Jordan Hurt, Kimberly Perez-Solano, Connor Swayne, Ensemble
  • Jordan Hurt, Alex Kivett, Connor Swayne, Madison Taylor & Bhavani Tuppale, Ensemble

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