Faculty Spotlight: Brooke Oxendine

I graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Level Education with a concentration in English/Language Arts and Social Studies, and I will be graduating from the University of South Carolina in December with a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. In high school, I was a Teacher Cadet and I was selected to be a Teaching Fellow in college. I completed my student teaching at Springfield Middle School in Fort Mill, S.C., and have been an 8th grade English and English Honors teacher for four years at E.L. Wright. I first got into education because I taught swim lessons and lifeguard training in high school and I really enjoyed being able to help children be able to learn new skills. My father is full-blooded Native American and hails from the Lumbee Tribe of Lumberton, N.C. so I am half Native American. My mother works for Pampered Chef and participates in our school Career Fair each year. I also have one older brother that lives in Anderson. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, dancing in Zumba class, taking yoga on Sunday afternoons, and being the assistant coach of the Spring Valley swim team.


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