Faculty & Staff Spotlight: Maggie Cole

I graduated from U.S.C. with a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Teaching, and was a student teacher at Muller Road Middle and White Knoll High School. I have been teaching at E.L. Wright since that time. I am a teacher because I love being able to teach someone something they didn’t know before. You can make so many connections in ELA to the rest of the world, and I like to watch my kids become global citizens. My family is pretty crazy, but I love them to pieces. My Mom is a music teacher. My father is retired from the federal government, and I have two sisters and a brother. My older sister Liz is definitely the bossy one, but fun, while my younger sister Mary Kate is the crazier one (in a good way). My brother Zach is 19 and is still working on piecing his life together, but he cracks everybody up. I love to exercise. I honestly probably have an addiction to it. The Stairmaster is my FAVORITE thing to do. I also love to be with my friends and travel. I have two of the cutest dogs on the planet, Talisker and Panzer. Well, they live with my parents in Charleston, but I still claim them!krtkgow[k

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