Force and Motion in the Real World

On Tuesday, September 19th, 8th Grade Science Classes had the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker, Lance Corporal David Jones, from the State Highway Patrol, Office of Community Relations to learn how their current unit of study, force and motion, is relevant to driving safely. IMG_3488

Lance Corporal Jones also provided students with the opportunity to view videos that showed how cars were designed to protect the passenger in the passenger compartment and how Newton’s First Law of Motion could be minimized by using a seat belt so that the passengers remained in that safety area of the car, called “room to live”. Students are encouraged to ask loved ones to use their seat belts and to refuse to ride with someone who was impaired, frequently drove faster than the speed limit, or drove while being distracted by using their phone, etc. Officer Jones also discussed how, with even the best of a parent’s intentions, they could not hold back a large child when a high-speed collision occurs due to Newton’s Second Law of Motion.  His stories from his personal experience of over a decade of investigations kept the students engaged and ready for the question and answer part at the end of the presentation.

One comment on “Force and Motion in the Real World

  1. Deeva says:

    That sounds fantastic! Justin would have loved that! I’m so sorry he was sick and missed that.

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