Faculty Spotlight: LaShawn Sargeant

I have a dual Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I began my career in New York City, where I was a paraprofessional for high risk/high needs/hard to place special education students. This experience was followed by teaching eight years in a public middle school, and 1.5 years with a non-profit agency, where I taught GED prep, before serving as an Education and Life Skills Coordinator for Green Chimneys Children Services. I left NYC for Richmond, VA where I taught for three years before moving to Columbia, S.C. I am a proud E.L. Wright Warrior, and I teach Support Services to students in grades 6-8. I always wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to help people, but I found out that blood and me do not mix. After some soul searching, I decided to become a teacher. Teachers touch the lives of everyone from grandma to the President of the U.S., and beyond. I am the proud wife of Mr. Willie Sargeant, Jr. and the overjoyed mother of Master Willie Sargeant, III who will celebrate his first birthday on October 20, 2017. I love to cook and feed people. Once, as a going away present, my co-workers gave me a sign for my future restaurant that reads “Today’s Menu: Take It or Leave It.” This sums up my personality in a nut shell. I love to read and write poetry and short stories. Over the past year, I have discovered that my most favorite hobby is being a mother to my beautiful baby boy, better known as Tre’. I love what I do. I love children and that is why I give them empathy, instead of sympathy. I believe in the philosophy of…. “Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” I believe that the children are our future and it is my job to help them along the way.


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