Madrigal Tickets On Sale Now!

The E. L. Wright Fine Arts Department is proud to present it’s Fifth Annual Madrigal Dinner Show on Nov. 17th at 6:30 p.m. in the E. L. Wright Cafeteria. A Madrigal dinner is a Renaissance themed dinner theater of sorts, much like Medieval Times, but with less jousting and more music. (Check out our Ad!) Our Madrigal Dinner is a collaborative work between the Richland Northeast HS and E. L. Wright MS fine arts departments. The event is full catered by Little Pigs and served by the RNE culinary department! During dinner guests get to enjoy medieval themed music, multilingual stories, courtly dances, and even a sword fight and a joust or two all while surrounded by student artwork! Tickets are currently on sale now through November 11th! Tickets are limited, so get your tickets now! Tickets are $10 for teachers and students, and $15 for the general public. You may pay $20 to reserve your seat. To order your ticket, please contact Mrs. Gibbs in Room 703 or our bookkeeper, Mrs. Lola Rabon in the main office.




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